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Complete Team and Individual Results Available Instantly!

Includes Online Entries, Mobile Application, Web Page for Tournament, and Support.
An internet connection is only needed to download online entry data and post results.
If connected during the tournament, results can be posted and updated automatically or with one-click of the Post to Baumspage button!
Run in most web browsers but only Google Chrome is fuly tested and supported.  Works on both PCs and Macs!

A quick overview of the Baumspage Wrestling Manager Application in action:

Introduction and Background

During the 2014-15 wrestling season the Baumspage Mobile Wrestling Application for Bracket Tournaments was implemented.   This application is designed as a mobile application that will run in most of the web browsers currently available.  The application runs equally well on PCs in the Windows environment and on Macs.   At the present time, only Google Chrome has been fully tested and will be supported!  Plrease download and install Google Chrome from the Google web site:  


The application interfaces seamlessly with the Baumspage Online Entry System and was so user-friendly that 41 of the 48 sectionals and 9 of the 12 districts in Ohio used it for their tournament with no issues.  If the user is logged-in to their account on baumspage during the tournament, brackets, and complete results can be posted  and updated throughout the tournament with one click of the Post to Baumspage button. 

Starting with the 2015-16 season the Baumspage Mobile Wrestling Application for Pool Tournaments was implemented.   The pool tournament version integrates 5 different formats of pools and pools to brackets dependant on the number of wrestlers competing in each weight class.  This allows more matches for each athlete in the event.


An internet connection is required to download data prior to the start of the tournament and to upload results after the tournament.   If an internet connection is available during the tournament and the user is logged-in to their account on, the application will automatically sync with the file server and upload backups to the server every five minutes.   Brackets and Results can be posted automatically or with one click of the Post ALL to Baumspage button.  


At the conclusion of the tournament after all results as verified, one click of the Post Final Results to Baumspage will upload all the data files.   This will include Completed BracketsComplete Individual Results and Team Scores, AP Style Results (for the newspapers), a Complete Backup of the tournament data, and if the tournament is a qualifier for the district or state an Advancer File of Qualifiers

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Actual Testimonials

I used the wrestling app this weekend for the first time and wanted to let you know that it is great. Really user friendly. We will be using it for the MS league meet coming up in Feb. Keep up the great work and have a happy holiday season. - Doug

Everything worked great. Thanks again! WELL worth IT!!! Bargain for the time saved. I will definitely recommend it to other coaches who run tourneys. Thanks again. - Mike

Again I want to thank you and Toby for the Pool Tournament program that we ran for the New Richmond JV Wrestling Tournament this weekend. Having not run this type of tournament for 6 years, your new program was excellent.

I liked the intuitive nature of the program that allowed us to tailor by weight class the best scenario for the tournament. Your program was easy to navigate without any issues. We were able to start on-time and finished the main wrestling by 4:30 PM.

Again my thanks for all that you guys do to make Ohio wrestling for the best experience in the nation. - Tim

Thank you for the support this past week as we hosted the Sectional tournament. This was the first time we used your web-based software. It is an excellent program and I would use it again in a heart beat. It is easy to use and very intuitive. Thank you again, - Brian

I wanted to reach out prior to the start of season to let you know we not only intend to use your software again this year but we are also adding a Junior High tournament this year and will be using it for that event as well.

Your software made the operation of our tournament so seamless last year I cannot imagine going back to the spreadsheet method. Additionally it gave us the confidence we can handle two events in a single season.

I look forward to a continued partnership. - Tim

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