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Wrestling Event Page

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Welcome to our new Wrestling Manager App, how would you like to begin?

You may download your event data from Baumspage or create a new event from scratch?

Look for and click on these Learn more for help.
Check out the Help Guide Wrestling Manager Manual Help / FAQ Wrestling Manager Quick-Start Guide Check out the Help Guide
Event Setup
Edit/Change Event SettingsLearn more Edit Event Title Edit Title Subtitle Event Date:
Time between matches(min)

Tournament Type (Scoring Rules):
Pool: Max Athletes per Weight Class

Valid Weight Classes(csv)
Award Places: Set maximum number of Seeds
Allow Extra Athletes

Special Event Formats

Pool: Two Day - Use 7th Place

Alternate Bracket Formats
Bracket 16: One Day - Modified Consolation
Not needed with 6-matches per day!

Bracket 32: One Day - Modified Consolation
Works with 6-matches per day and less than 25 wrestlers
Must check for 7th match in Consolations if more than 24 on bracket!

Learn more Advancement Points:
Championship Bracket Consolation Bracket Major Decision (8-14) Technical Fall Fall Points Default Points Forfeit Points
Win after Bye (Championship) Win after Bye (Consolation) Placement Points:
Scoring XX Places
Quarterfinals Semifinals Reach Consolation Quarterfinals Consolation Quarterfinals Consolation Semifinals
First Place Third Place Fifth Place Seventh Place DQ Points (Won by DQ)
Pool Meet Scoring Type: Score Bye as (when pool is not full):
Decision Major Decision
(8-14 pnts)
Default Points Forfeit Points Disq. Points
Technical Fall Fall Points
Print Scoring Summary
Score Summary Here

Generate Documents

Generate PDF Documents
Seed Nominations Generate Entry Grid Generate Roster List Check-In/Corrections Sheets Weigh-In (by Team) Weigh-In (by Weight Class) Create Participation Report

Use these settings to override what will display on Participation Reports.

Location: Division:
Manager: District:
Date: Min # Athletes to Makeup a Team:

OHSAA Representative:

OHSAA Rep email:
You should generate & save the report, then attach and email it to this recipiant.

Generate PDF Participation Report HTML Participation Report Open Email Client

You should make corrections to the team rosters by selecting a team below, then make and save the changes.
After the rosters are correct, you may Proceed to Seeding & Drawing!

Select a Team to Edit/Change Roster Data

After you have corrected all team lists & rosters, then you should create extra teams and begin seeding & drawing the matches.
Warning! If you are creating extra teams, you can only do this once. Be sure your entries are correct now!
Seeding & Drawing
Bracket Size (Competitors):
Prev Next

You may begin seeding & drawing official brackets/pools. Click on each seed from the Entrant list (left) and
sort them in order on the right. Submit seeds when done to generate the bracket/pool.

message Here
Abrv Message Here
Seed Nomination Info

Available Entries?

For large tournaments, you can quickly narrow the seed selection list by typing.
Click to Add (or press Tab, then Enter)

Click Any Entrant Below to Add as a Seed:

Pool Tournament Info:

Pool Tournament Info Here

Official Seed Order

    If neccessary, drag to change seed order
    Double-Click to remove a seed.

    Seed Bracket Here
    Bout Sheets & Match Lists
    Select Round: Learn more

    For Remaining Athletes Report:
    Select Multiple Rounds, Double-click(outside list) to exit,
    then press 'Generate Match/Bout Sheets'

    Selector Here?
    Generate What:

    Show Eligible Times:Learn more about Bracket Setup
    Note: Times only print on sheets of concern.
    Use Custom Bout Sheets:

    Adjust Settings

    Generate Blank Bout Sheet Generate Match/Bout Sheets

    Scorer Instructions and Samples

    Matches & Scoring
    Prev Next Learn more
    Enter the starting bracket series (usually a multiple of 100) press button to generate bracket numbers.

    Replace exisitng numbers by using a Bracket Number(csv/txt) File
    Show on First Round Matches:
    Show on All Other Matches:
    Print This Bracket Print Championship Only Print Consolation Only Learn more
    Bracket Here

    State Scores File

    Auto Advance Byes
    (on this bracket)
    Advance Byes

    Advance Byes in ALL
    Weight Classes
    (this may take a while).
    Advance Byes ALL
    Bring back Advance Button
    Clear THIS Bracket Results
    Clear ALL Bracket Results

    Print This Bracket Advance Byes

    Weight Class
    Prev Next
    Team Scores
    Sort Alphabetically
    Show Notes Below:
    Show Notes Inline:
    Print Scores(new tab) Save to file Calculate Scores Refresh Check Team Entries Edit/Adjust a Team Score
    Use this panel to sort teams into groups to display team results.
    Set Number of Groups

    Web based scoreboard for this event:
    Open Score Board Page
    Show Top X Teams
    Upate Interval (min.)

    Scoring Message Here
    Generate Results

    Drag List to Set Order, Select Rounds to Generate Results: Learn more

    Select a team to show only its results.
    List Options:
    Save List Order Reset List to Default Order AP(Newspaper) Style
    Results Page Options
    Show Team Scores
    Show Bout Numbers
    Show Points Earned
    Font Size

    Generate Pins Report
    All Rounds or Championship Only
    Miniumum Pin Count

    Generate Matches Report
    Miniumum Match Count (to show)

    Generate Placers Report

    After you generate a Placers Report, you may:

    Is this Event Complete?Learn more about Bracket Setup

    When all of the matches are filled in and the tournament
    is complete, select the check-box and then
    press 'Post Final Results' to finalize this event.

    Final Results, Final Brackets, AP Style Results, & Qualifier Files
    will automatically be posted to the baumspage event page.

    Check Bracket Counts

    View results in a new tab (for printing), Save to file, or Post to the baumspage event page. Learn more
    Create QR code sheet for link to results Create QR (4 per Sheet)
    Printable (new tab) Save to file Post These Results to Baumspage

    Display Name on Event Page:
    (Please use proper case and format.)

    Display Results Here

    Manage Data


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    Restart Event Startup Wizard Reset Generate Extra Athletes Option Button Get Site Codes From Server
    Enable 'Split Session' Feature

    Enable 'Split Site' Feature

    'Split Site' Instructions

    Links to Split Events:
    Note: This section is still under development and being used for testing.
    It is not recommended to mess with anything below here.

    Display your logo on the Brackets (150x150px) your image your image Check Session Upload File Test Override Event Settings (be careful with these):
    Test Button (used for development)

    placeHolder for Seed list copy
    placeHolder for Entrant list copy

    Online Event Data Backup Learn more AutoSync Data Backup
    Log In status


    Save/Load Event Data Files
    Save a complete
    backup file
    of the event.Backup/Save Current Data

    Baumspage Event ID =

    Written by Toby Baumgartner For questions and support contact:
    Gary Baumgartner     513-594-6154
    Terry Young     740-517-0195
    (c)2014-2024 v3.2.24
    Status Messages

    Change Title

    Edit Event Title Text

    Cancel Save

    Change Title

    Edit Event SubTitle

    Cancel Save

    Add Team

    Team Name to Add?

    Cancel Add Team

    Delete a team?

    Select Team to delete.

    Currently teams cannot be deleted!

    You must remove ALL athletes from
    the team roster instead.

    Use Event Setup | Select Team | Delete Each Athlete from Roster | Save Changes


    Select Winner


    Cancel No Match

    Enter Results


    How did they win?

    Time Match Ended:
    Time Lag (min):

    Enter Pin Time

    Show who pinned who here

    Enter Time of Pin
    OT Result Type:
    Cancel Save [sp]

    Enter Score

    Show results here

    Enter Score
    OT Result Type:
    Cancel Save [sp]

    Edit Athlete Info

    Warning: Be careful when changing these values!
    School Number is extremely important!
    List School #'s

    Add Editiable Inputs Here
    Cancel Save

    Bracket Seeded

    How To Place Byes?

    Manually Place Byes Random Placement


    Is Bracket OK?

    Clear Bracket/Start Over
    Swap Two Lines
    OK / Save

    Team Abbreviations

    Each entry must be unique, 2 - 4 UPPER CASE characters.

    Show TeamName List and textBOX
    Cancel Save

    Adjust a Team Score

    Adjust a team score up/down by an offset

    Show TeamName List and textBOX
    Cancel Save Offsets

    Event Setup Wizard
    Step 1: Verify Setup

    Welcome to the new Baumspage Wrestling Manager App!

    Your event '' was successfully downloaded from baumspage.

    This 'Event Start-Up Wizard' will assist in getting your event properly setup.

    Follow these steps (in order) to get started:
    1. Complete this wizard.
      • Finalize your list of teams
      • Fix Abbreviations
    2. Fix Rosters
    3. Seed & Draw Brackets/Pools

    Set maximum number of athletes per weight class.

    Pool Tournaments Info Here
    More info about Pool Tournaments Here
    Select 16 or 20

    Set maximum number of seeds.

    Set maximum number of Seeds

    Select the number of places to be scored.

    Throughout the App, look for and click on these Learn more by clicking me throughout this app. info buttons for tips.
    Cancel Next Step →

    Event Setup Wizard
    Step 2: Verify Teams

    Teams in Tournament

    You should finalize the list of teams in this tournament before going to the next step.
    Cancel Next Step →

    Event Setup Wizard
    Step 3: Abbreviations

    Each entry must be unique, 2 - 4 UPPER CASE characters.

    Regenerate Abbreviations:

    Event Setup Wizard
    Extra Athletes

    Note: You can only edit these athletes under their new extra teams.

    Generate & Save Extra Teams

    Post Final Results to Baumspage

    Upload AttemptUpload File Status

    *Note: Brackets may take >1 minute to upload. Please be patient...

    Sectional Managers, you may Submit your OHSAA Participation Report below.

    Send Participation Report

    Please list any additional teams assigned that did not participate (seperated by commas):
    Cancel Done, Close OK, Send Now

    Link to Results Page:

    Done, Close Window

    Break Tie

    Enter New Rank in this Pool (from 1 to X)

    Add Editiable Inputs Here
    Cancel Save

    Use Custom Bout Sheets

    Use your own bout sheet design, make copies, only print the actual match info on each sheet.

    Edit the X & Y values for each field to change the positions on the paper.

    Add Editiable Inputs Here

    Load Custom Data File: Load

    Cancel Save These Settings          Preview Custom Bout Sheet Generate Grid Sheet

    Generate Bout Sheets

    Generate Bout Sheets

    Add Editiable Inputs Here

    If you see this message, some weight classes are not listed.

    You should complete drawing ALL weightclasses or refresh the app to continue!

    Click HERE to refresh

    Select Rounds: (Blue=On)

    Split Champ & Conso Bout Sheets

    Cancel Blank Bout Sheet Generate Bout Sheets Generate Match Lists
    Scorer Instructions and Samples

    Click on more of these info buttons to learn more about features throughout this application.

    Must be set 'ON' for Internet Explorer. With Chrome all PDF's are Auto-saved to the download folder OR they can open in a New Tab

    Use these settings to configure this event. As you start drawing the official brackets, some of these settings will become locked and may no longer be changed.

    These settings change how this event will be scored. After the official brackets are drawn these settings will become locked.

    You may "swipe" the brackets (with your mouse or touchscreen) to the left or right to change weight classes.

    You may also use the following keys [ ] to speed up data entry:

    [→] Right Arrow = Next Weight Class
    [←] Left Arrow = Prev Weight Class

    For Results use:
    [↑] Up Arrow = Top Athlete Won
    [↓] Down Arrow = Bottom Athlete Won
    [P] or [p] = Pin
    [D] or [d] = Decision
    [SpaceBar] or [Enter] to Save Results

    Decisions may be entered as a 3 or 4 digit code, for example enter '128' for 12-8, '053' for 5-3, or '1712' for 17-12.

    Select a round and then generate printable match sheets. Note: Sheets will NOT be created for Bye macthes or any events where previous round data has not been entered.

    The draggable list below sets the order of how to display results, Simply add a check to each round you wish see.

    You can use 'HotKeys' to move forward/backward through the weightclasses Press → to go to the next class or or ← to go Back one.

    What is Modified Random?

    Modified random is used for a 10-man bracket in a 1-day tournament to ensure that no wrestler will have more than 5 matches in one day.

    Byes are randomly placed so first round matches will be in either the 1st & 3rd or 2nd & 4th quarterbrackets.

    Your event progress will be periodically synced to the baumspage 'cloud' (a "Live Results" feature will be coming soon).

    You have been logged out,
    due to inactivity...

    You may post your unofficial 'in-progress' brackets & results to baumspage at anytime as the tournament progresses.

    Press the 'Post Results' button below to upload whatever is showing as you generate results.

    When the tournament is complete, you should use the 'Post Final Results' button to finalize this event. All unoffical files that have been posted will be removed.

    This uploads all final results & brackets to the baumspage server. You should only use this feature once (at the end the event) to finalize the data and app.

    Eligible times will only be printed if sheets are generated within the 30 minutes between matches.

    If printing early or for the next day turn the 'Show' slider to 'Off'.

    Use this button to select what data is shown on the different bracket lines

    Click the link to Download the PDF Wrestling Manager Help Guide for step-by-step instructions to managing your event!

    You must refresh this app before entering any results(press the 'Refresh Now' button)! Refresh Now

    Add a note?
    Reason for no match?
    (12 char limit)
    Hit enter when done.

    Tie(s) Found!
    You MUST Break ALL Ties before advancing athletes!

    Tie Table

    If you see this message, then ties havn't been broken yet or an error occured while ranking athletes, you may update the data values directly. Each lines rank value must be unique (including byes)!

    Cancel Save

    Advance Pools Button     ↑       ↑       ↑

    If you find that you need to make changes later and need the 'Advance Winners' button again. Press the above button labeled 'Bring back Advance Button'

    OK OK, Don't Show Again

    Wrestling App Alert!

    Alert Text Here


    Backup App Alert!

    I noticed that you're not connected to the Internet and this app hasn't been backed up for a while.

    Would you like to generate a backup now?

    Yes, Backup Now No, I'll risk it.

    Merge another backup into this one

    Original Event Title:

    Cancel Save

    This event has been successfully split.

    Select the Link for your First Session:

    Use Manage Data to switch between sessions.

    Use Manage Data | Merge when ready to combine.


    Split This Event into Sessions

    Split 1

    Text to append to Name:

    Select weight classes for Split 1:

    Split 2

    Text to append to Name:

    Select weight classes for Split 2:

    When you Press 'Split Now':

    Two sessions will be created with weight classes divided (as selected above), Split Links will be added to the Manage Data module, and separate backups will be saved to the server. To change sessions: select link on bottom (right) of Manage Data module. Press Split Now and select the appropriate link for your first session.

    Cancel Split Now