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Baum's Page Event

Stow Bulldog Invitational
Silver Springs Park
Saturday, 10-10-2020, 9:00 AM

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Baumspage Event

Current year: 2020

Stow Bulldog Invitational
Silver Springs Park
Saturday, 10-10-2020, 9:00 AM
Additional Information09-28-2020, 5:11 PM - If you have not contacted Aaron Morris prior to entering your team for this meet, your team will be eliminated from the Invitational list. We are only allowing 15 total teams per gender. Teams that attended last year have already been notified and have first preference. Once we reach 15 teams, no other teams will be accepted.

09-28-2020, 5:11 PM - Aaron Morris -

09-29-2020, 8:59 AM - This year is a high school only event. Due to the restrictions to number of athletes and spectators we are allowed to have in the park at any given time, we had to increase time between races, decrease the number of athletes per race, and therefore had to add races in order to allow all athletes the chance to participate. This means we will have 6 races over the course of 7 hours. Our intention is to bring Middle School and Youth races back in 2021. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

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Boys Open HS 2020 *corrected*
Boys Varsity HS 2020
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Girls Open HS 2020
Girls Varsity HS 2020
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