Transfer of Qualifier Data: District to Regional or Regional to State

All data for individuals and relays qualifying for the next tournament will be exported from the first tournament and imported for the next one.

  1. The process is for sites using  Meet Manager for Windows.  
  2. After determining the appropriate process, please send a test file to the manager or computer person for that tournament!
    1. Add the appropriate address/addresses to your address book.
    2. Make sure your e-mail program is capable of sending e-mail attachments.
    3. In case there are problems with your e-mail, it would be good to have an alternate e-mail account available as a backup.
Meet Manager for Windows:
  1. The only file needed is TCL01-01.TCL (or similar name with the numbers changed) which can be attached to an e-mail.
  2. Before leaving the Cross Country / Road Race Module you must Update the Track database!
    1. Click on Update
    2. After the warning about copying the CC/RR data to the Track database.  Continue and copy...... ?  Click YES
  3. To generate the advancer file use: File | Export | Advancers for Cross Country | Select All  
    1. Top How Many Runners Advance: use 8, 12, 16, 20, or 24 (Numbers of teams times 4)
    2. Custom Select Advancing Teams: Click on Box
    3. Click on Create Export | OK
    4. Click the Check Boxes for the Teams that Qualified | OK
    5. Select drive A: (or wherever you can get to the files for attaching to an e-mail)
    6. Note the filename: TCL##-##.TCL and where the files are located.
    7. Click OK when the export is finished.
  4. Before quitting Hy-Tek, generate the reports needed for the web or media. 
    1. Follow Report Instructions for Hy-Tek to create the needed files.
  5. Access your e-mail account and send files. 
    1. Follow E-mail Instructions for attaching files.
    2. Send to the address/addresses as instructed.
  6. If the data is not posted on the web or you receive no reply, please follow-up with a phone call to verify that the file was received and that there are no problems!