Baumspage Wrestling Manager Application

Getting Started - Update Notes: 11-30-23

  1. If this is your first time using the Baumspage Mobile Wrestling Applcation (or first time this year) please review the information below and spend a few minutes testing the app.
    1. It runs in most web browsers but currently only Google Chrome is fully tested and supported.  It works on both PCs and Macs but we strongly recommend using Google Chrome on the Mac.
    2. An internet connection is only needed to download online entry data prior to the tournament and post results when finished.
      1. If the user is logged-in to their account on baumspage during the tournament, brackets, complete results, and a backup will be uploaded automatically every 5 minutes.
      2. If an internet connection is not available or stable during the tournament, it will run the the browser's cache.
  2. After you do the initial download, please add a bookmark to
    1. If you close the app inadvertantly, click the bookmark to reopen.
  3. The Mobile Application is installed to our secure server.
  4. In order to print brackets and pools, Pop-ups must be enabled on whatever computer that is used for the tournament!
    1. Use either the Demo Program or download the Baumspage HS Sample to enable them before the tournament! 
    2. Click Print Full Bracket Set in the Matches & Scoring module.  If the brackets load, you're all set.
    3. If you notice the warning on the right side of the address bar, click and Enable Pop-ups on baumspage.
  5. Preparation is the key to starting on time and running a successful tournament.
    1. Use the links below to print the Manager Manual or Quick-Start Guide for whichever format you use. 
    2. The Manual is 8 to 10 pages with screen shots while the Quick-Start Guide is condensed with no screen shots.
  6. The Demo Programs have all but the last few weight classes drawn, so you ony need to finish the Seeding & Drawing before you experiment with printing brackets, bout sheets/match lists and the other files you'll need.
  7. The Baumspage HS Sample has sample rosters for 8 teams with extras and only six weight classes. It should be enough to simulate to the data for your tournament.
    1. The entries by weight class are setup to cover testing of all five pool formats and can be used to test the download, setup, roster correction, drawing, and printing.
    2. Experiment with it until enough rosters are submitted for your own tournament. Don't worry about making errors!  You can always download again and start over!
  8. One final note:The Mobile App is designed to automatically upload results and backups to the file server if your internet connection is stable.
    1. However it is a good tournament management policy to always make local backups that can be restored if your internet connection fails.
    2. One backup is generated and saved automatically to your download folder when you finish the drawing.
    3. After the initial backup, use Manage Data | Backup/Save Current Data on a regular basis so you will have restore options available if needed.
      1. Please generate one afer each round or anytime you have progressed beyond a point in that you do not want to re-enter.
      2. The backups are incremented and have a time stamp.
  9. Check out a links below.  Print whatever is helpful.  Use the Quick-Start Guide as a reference.
    1.  Dowwnload and experiment with the Demo Program or Baumspage HS Sample.
    2. Edit rosters, draw and seed, swap a few wrestlers, print brackets, bout sheets/match lists, and enter results.
  10. Call if you have questions or want to setup a phone conference.

Contact us if you need help.
Gary Baumgartner     513-594-6154
Terry Young     740-517-0195