Baumspage Mobile Application

Getting Started: (New Users)

  1. If you are a new manager or computer support person, please review the information below and experiment as necessary to make sure you are ready for this week. 
    1. Please review the information below and the Getting Started link.
    2. Experiment with the Demo Program or the Baumspage HS Sample until you are comfortable.
    3. If you have questions or want to setup a “quick start” phone conference:
      1. Please make arrangements as early as possible.
      2. The quick start conferences usually take about 30 minutes and for most support persons, are sufficient to be ready for the tournament.
  2. If you have questions during your tournament, call or text me at 513-594-6154.
    1. If you can’t reach me, Terry Young may be available.  His cell is 740-517-0195. 
  3. We are learning about options to adjust the cache in Google Chrome and are including information in Cautions/Suggestions – Item #3 about experimenting with the settings.

Data Download Reminders:

  1. Use the Data Download menu to monitor the entries and to view and post the entry grid and seed nominations.
    1. The Mobile App will import the Seed Nominations and list the wrestlers in the sorted order when you draw the brackets.  
    2. However for it to work, you MUST either Preview Seed Nomination Report or Download TXT Seed Nominations to create the list used for the drawing.
    3. You can alter the order when you draw, but regardless, we urge you to print a copy of the Seed Nominations for reference while you draw!
  2. Select either Bracket Tournament or Pool Tournament and Download to Event Manager Now
    1. Click Ok on the “WARNING!!!........ This WILL erase & overwrite EVERYTHING for this tournament! ...
    2. When the Event Setup Wizard starts, select the Maximum Number of Seeds and Number of Placers
    3. Complete the Event Setup Wizard and make sure the abbreviations are all distinct.
  3. Pop-ups must be enabled to be able to Print Brackets. on whatever computer you are using.
    1. If you get a pop-up warning at the far right of the address bar, click on it and Enable Pop-ups on Baumspage.
  4. Make sure you add a bookmark to the Mobile App:
    1. If you accidentally close the Mobile App you will be able to reopen it from the bookmark.
  5. If you are new to using the Mobile App or want a quick review, please click the link to Getting Started
    1. Please review the information posted.  Use the Quick-Start Guide for your tournament type as a reference.
    2. Experiment with the Demo Program or download and use the Baumspage HS Sample.
      1. The Baumspage HS Sample has 7 weight classes varying from 6 to 16 wrestlers per weight.
  6. The key to starting on time and running a smooth tournament is to make sure you are organized at the start.   
    1. Experiment with everything until you are comfortable.
    2. Please call if you want to setup a quick-start conference or have questions.

Additional Options:

  1. In our Pool Tournament programs, we activated an update to Split Championship and Consolation Rounds for Bout Cards
    1. You can still print the Match Lists in white and only use colored paper for consolation matches. 
  2. For 16-man and 32-man One Day Bracket Tournaments, we added a option to use a Modified Consolation Bracket that will drop Semifinal losers to the 3rd Place Match.
    1. The advantage is that it will eliminate all possibilities of a 6th match on the 16-man bracket and only affect 1st round losers on the 32-man bracket is they win the rest of their way through the consolations.
    2. The disadvantage is the first and second round losers are automatically dropped to Consolation Bracket and the best they can finish is 5th or 7th place. 
      1. If you elect to use it, we strongly suggest that you setup the tournament to score at least 6 places! 
      2. Otherwise the 1st and 2nd round losers will have no consolation matches!
    3. To activate the option, after the Event Setup Wizard finishes, use Event Setup | Adjust Seeding/Scoring Settings | Special Event Formats | Alternate Bracket Formats | change Slider to Yes.  

Backups: (Automatic and Manual)

  1. Our Mobile App is designed with an auto-sync feature enabled to automatically post results and a complete backup to the server every 5 minutes when you are logged-in and connected to the internet.  
    1. However it will run without an internet connection if your access is limited or unstable.  
  2. Every time your backup is uploaded to the server an incremental time-stamped backup is copied to a protected folder on our server. 
    1. If logged-in, you can use Manage Data | Get Backup Data From Server to restore your data, but only have access to the last backup.  Each future backup will overwrite the previous one. 
    2. If something fails and your restore from the server does not resolve your issue, there is an option on the bottom right of the Manage Data module to Open Backup Snapshot Recovery Page.  All of your earlier backups will be listed with their time-stamp so you can return to a valid restore point.
  3. With or without a stable internet connection, we strongly suggest making local backups as your tournament progresses.
    1. Last year my son, Toby, added two forced local backups that can provide a return point if some unexplained situation arises. 
      1. After weigh-ins are finished and rosters are all corrected, when you check the check box for “Team lists are correct, I’m ready to seed and draw.” | Proceed to seed and draw, a local backup with PREDRAW in the file name will be created and saved in your download folder. 
      2. After you finish seeding and drawing all weight classes, a second backup with DRAWN in the file name is created.
    2. As your tournament progresses use Manage Data | Backup/Save Current Data to generate a local backup.
      1. It only takes a few seconds and offers a great deal of insurance if your internet connection fails.
      2. Repeat as convenient.
    3. Hopefully you never need any of the backups, but they are cheap insurance!

If Mobile App Become Sluggish or Unresponsive:

  1. Depending on memory and processor speed on your computer and the internet connection, size of your tournament, some users may experience lag times while data is being uploaded to the server.  
    1. If it becomes an issue, your first option is to close Chrome and re-open the Mobile App from your bookmark.
      1. The data is stored in your browser's cache so nothing will be lost when you re-open from the bookmark.
        1. See Data Download Reminders #4 for details on creating your bookmark.
      2. If possible, create another local backup before closing Chrome.
        1. See Backups #3-2 above for info.
    2. Another option if needed is use Manage Data | AutoSync Off and uncheck Auto-Post Results & Brackets.
  2. If you turn AutoSync off, login intermittently and post brackets and results. 
    1. Also use Manage Data | Sync to Server to make your backup available on the server
    2. And make sure you generate local backups on a regular basis.
  3. A few tears ago, we discovered a option to change the cache size for Google Chrome if your “lag time” become an issue.  
    1. On a 64-man bracket tournament with 49 teams, the load time restoring the application dropped from 21 seconds to 8.5 seconds.
    2. Don’t change anything unless you’re having issues!
    3. Click the following link: for information about increasing the cache settings on a temporary basis before opening Chrome.
    4. It will not affect the cache if you load Chrome normally!

Pool Tournaments: (16 wrestlers per weight limit)

  1. If you are using the Mobile App for a Pool Tournament, you cannot have more that 16 wrestlers in any weight class!
    1. The following message will be displayed: WARNING: Too Many Athletes Found in at least one weight class! Pool tournaments may NOT have more than 16 athletes per weight class!
      1. It will disappear when all weight classes are reduced to 16 or less
  2. For smaller tournaments with only 1 or 2 wrestlers in a weight class, you can remove the wrestlers from one weight and add them to the next either as the scorer or an extra.
    1. Some tournaments leave them in both classes and only enter results in the first class, when the two wrestlers meet in the other weight class.
      1. That way they earn their place points in their weight class.
    2. If you void a weight by eliminating all the wrestlers, there will be no matches, but the weight class still needs to be drawn for some of the scoring features to be enabled.
    3. Now you will be prompted with a message similar to the one below:
      1. Warning weight class 205 is empty! Remove 205 Now | click the Remove button and repeat until all empty weight classes are deleted.
      2. Then check the check box for “I’m ready to seed and draw.”

Pool Tournaments: (Suggested match order)

  1. Depending on the formats required for your tournament you might consider the following adjustment after you finish the drawing.
  2. First use Matches & Scoring | Bout Sheets | select a round | Generate Match Lists and print the 1st three rounds of match lists.
  3. Then use Matches & Scoring | Bout Sheets | select a round | Generate Bout Sheets and print the 1st Round bout sheets.
  4. To facilitate the flow of the tournament and the 45-minutes between matches, you might consider moving the weight classes listed in Round 4 to the start of Rounds 1, 2, and 3.
    1. The 2x5 and 4x3 formats require 6 total rounds of wrestling and the other formats only require 5 rounds.
    2. Wrestling the weights in that order should give enough rest to contest the Round 4 matches before taking a break
    3. After the break you can probably finish the last two rounds in normal weight class order