Help Files for Cross Country
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Meet Manager Details
Revised: 07-18-23
Online Entry Instructions *(Word)
*Download and save the above file.

*Edit the meet details at the top:  Name, dates and deadlines!
**Please include in your mailing to the participating teams.

Online Hosting Details
*Managers must have an account to submit meets for hosting.
*Use Managers | Cross Country | Add/Renew Event to submit meet details.
*After approval by the baumspage staff, the meet will be listed in the CC Event Page.
*Only the manager or manager's designee will have access to the data.
*The manager/designee will login after the window closes to download the import files.

Online Fee Chart
*Approximate cost per event.
OHSAA District/Regional/State Information
OHSAA Cross Country Tournament Regulations
Regional to State Transfer of Data
Revised: 07-21-21
Online Entry Details-District.doc *(Word)
*Download and save the above file.

*Edit the entry deadline at both the top and bottom!
**Please include in your mailing to the participating teams.
Regional Managers Manual
Posted: 9--11-21
Instructions for Coach of State Qualifier (pdf)
Manager Options

Download Import Instructions
Easy Meet

Upload Files/Results Instructions
District to Regional Transfer of Data
District Managers Manual
Posted: 8-21-19

District Participation Report (Word)
Posted: 8-2-21

District Participation Report (Hy-Tek)
Posted: 8-2-21
Hy-Tek Help Sydex Help
Flowcharts Hy-Tek Ltd. Web Site Flowcharts Sydex Sports Web Site
Semi-Colon Delimited Import Download current update! Import Rosters Do not download or install any updates!
In 2011 Sydex added a block to the import of any data not generated from the Sydex online entry system!
Backup-Restore Flowchart Sample Files Reports for Web or Media
Reports for Web or Media Sample Import File htimport.txt Export Advancers
Export Advancers Sample District Meet *Complete Import Advancers Sample Files
 Import Advancers Sample Regular Season Meet   Sample Import File syimport.txt
E-Mail and Transfer
E-mail Options and Checklist
Media E-mail Addresses (Word)
AOL Download Instructions and Settings

E-mail:  Gary Baumgartner or Terry Young


Last Update: 08/06/15



Sprint 8 Sample Times

Sprint 8 Sample Files: 07sam180.sp8    07sam40.sp8   Real Time Sample   Files: exsam180.txt   exsam40.txt